Monthly Box Examples


As winter starts to thaw, look forward to seeing early spring flowers arriving.


The ideal time to plant still dormant shrubs to make a centrepiece in your garden.


Time to start filling the bed with perennials to give you colour year after year.


As the ground begins to warm, summer flowering bulbs can be planted to follow on from the spring bulb display.


Growing is well under way – boost the planting further with a mixture of perennials and seasonal bedding flowers.

June, July & August

Your garden is looking magnificent! Mixed summer bedding and perennials continue the fragrant colours throughout the warm summer months – admire your handywork with a cool drink!


Although the main summer flowering season is coming to a close there are plenty of late flowering bedding plants to add colour to September. Whilst the ground is still warm now is a good time to plant perennials and shrubs.


As the days become shorter it is time to prepare the way for a riot of colour in spring, look forward to seeing a good selection of spring flowering bulbs in October GardeningBoxes.


The last of the spring bulbs can be planted and hardy plants placed in position for next years’ growth.


Conditions generally aren’t suitable for planting outside during December in the UK, and most of us have other priorities at this time, therefore no deliveries are made during this month.