Monthly Box Examples


In the dark days of January look out for striking winter bark of Cornus and evergreen foliage of Euonymus to brighten your garden.


The ideal time to plant trees such as the stunning dwarf flowering cherry Prunus Kojo-no-mai to create a beautiful spring display.


Time to start filling the bed with perennials to give you colour year after year.


As the ground begins to warm, summer flowering perennials such as the beautiful Peonies can be sited in the bed where they will produce a stunning display year after year.


Growing is well under way – add some architectural interest with Hostas and more flowering perennials such as Geraniums.

June, July & August

Your garden is looking magnificent! Additions of Echinacea, Cosmos, and Osteospermum continue the fragrant colours throughout the warm summer months – admire your handiwork with a cool drink!


Although the main summer flowering season is coming to a close there are plenty of late flowering perennials such as Achillea and Kniphofia to add colour to September.


As the days become shorter it is time to consider architectural planting – look out for Ophipogon and Carex in October GardeningBoxes.


Winter flowering hardy plants such as Hellebores have a magic all of their own, often flowering in time for Christmas.


Conditions generally aren’t suitable for planting outside during December in the UK, and most of us have other priorities at this time, therefore no deliveries are made during this month.