What will I receive in my GardeningBox?

Each box will contain up to 3 well-grown perennials or shrubs in 2-3 litre pots or a mixture of products of equivalent or greater value.

What will I receive in my ContainerBox?

Our ContainerBoxes contain annual attractive bedding plants for instant impact in a large container (approximately 45cm diameter)

I have more than one flowerbed in my garden, do you provide larger boxes?

GardeningBoxes are designed to provide a gorgeous display in an approximately 3m x 3m area, which covers most beds. If you do have a larger space you can select multiple subscriptions, and for each subscription you can specify different sunlight levels and soil type, in order to accommodate different areas within your garden.

How do you minimise your impact on the environment?

The vast majority of our plants are grown using peat-free compost. At present they will still be grown in plastic flowerpots but these can be reused multiple times for growing on younger plants and we would love you to do this – or donate them to a school or organisation that can make use of them in this way. Our packaging minimises the use of plastic, using paper-based tape wherever possible, and cardboard outers.

Could I not just go to a gardening centre and get these plants?

Absolutely! We are delighted when gardeners are confident enough to design their own space. The plants supplied by a GardeningBoxes subscription would cost you the same, if not more if purchased in a garden centre, plus the GardeningBox is delivered straight to your door. Don’t forget, the GardeningBox subscription also provides access to our tips and tricks videos and articles

Can I select my delivery date?

Right now we are a young company and only receive one order on around the 20th of each month from our supplier, which we send out to customers as soon as possible in order to prevent stress and damage to the plants.

In the near future we hope to be able to offer a choice of delivery dates; in the meantime if our delivery dates really don’t work for you please contact us at greenfingers@gardeningboxes.co.uk and we will see if there’s anything that we can do to make it work.

Why are there only 11 GardeningBox deliveries per year?

Conditions generally aren’t suitable for planting outside during December in the UK, most of us have other priorities at this time, therefore no subscriptions are collected during December – consider it a well-earned break for your efforts in the garden during the rest of the year and come back refreshed for the new year!

Why are there only 3 ContainerBox deliveries per year?

The plants in each ContainerBox are designed to provide a display for several months, so your next delivery should arrive just in time to refresh the display giving Spring, Summer, and Winter colour.

What else will I need to make the most of my GardeningBoxes subscription?

A range of tools will be necessary for you to make your new plants comfortable – A trowel, spade, garden fork, hoe, and secateurs are recommended, along with a peat free multipurpose compost or garden compost. If you’re already a subscriber, you have access to our Members Area which includes a number of articles and videos to help you get started with your new GardeningBox or ContainerBox.

Why is my subscription order total £0?

If you’ve ordered a GardeningBox or ContainerBox subscription you won’t be charged for your first box until the 14th of the month. The initial order total is £0 because you don’t pay anything straight away. We do this because we prepare and send out everyone’s boxes at the same time. Until then you are free to pause or cancel your subscription, and you won’t be charged. But that means you won’t receive your super new GardeningBox!