Outdoor gardening subscriptions

Who are GardeningBoxes?

Moving to a garden filled with mature trees and shrubs in 2017 we knew we had a big project on our hands to create the attractive display of flowers and foliage that we were after. Luckily Matt is an R.H.S qualified Gardener who has over 20 years’ experience of transforming gardens.


Co-founder James had previously experienced disappointment and frustration with his gardening attempts as he had bought plants badly suited to past gardens, which had failed to thrive and often disappeared without a trace.


And so, GardeningBoxes was born to help our customers overcome these challenges, by allowing us to select the right plants for the right place for your garden! Plus give you videos and articles to help you create your ideal garden.


With our access to fantastic West Country Growers we are able to produce plants for all types of gardens from sunny to shady, heavy to sandy soil, and pet friendly too. Our monthly gardening subscription means that you can gradually fill areas of your garden and stop deliveries once you are happy with the display.


Can gardening ever be green?


Like many industries, horticulture needs to improve its’ environmental credentials, and we are doing all that we can to minimise the impact of our business. Our growers use predominantly peat-free compost, and our packaging is almost all compostable or recyclable, being made of cardboard, paper-based packing tape, bamboo plant supports, and paper-based packing. The plant pots themselves continue to be made of plastic until a cost-effective alternative becomes available, however, these can be used multiple times so why not use these to start off seeds or small plants yourself, or pass them along to a youth group or school who can use them in a project.