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Things to consider in starting your flowerbed

You may already have a flowerbed in your garden, perhaps it’s seen better days and you are rejuvenating it with your GardeningBox subscription. Look out for our videos on weeding and turning over a flowerbed ready for planting to get the ground in the best shape for your new plants.

Alternatively, you may be transforming an area of lawn into a bed or creating a raised bed. In this case, think about the amount of sun the area gets – you will be able to grow a wider variety of plants in sunny or mostly sunny areas of the garden (more than 3 hours of sun during the summer months). It is also advisable to avoid very wet and boggy areas or areas which bake dry unless you want to specialise in plants that will tolerate these conditions.

Think about siting your bed close to a seating area so that you can enjoy the scents of flowers as you sit and relax.

Consider the depth of the bed – can you reach all of the areas or will you need to walk into it to carry out weeding and cutting back? Once you have identified the perfect spot, lay out a hose or piece of rope to outline the shape of the bed. Try and aim for curves which flow into each other, rather than sudden changes of direction. Try changing the outline slightly until you find the one that works best for you and your space.

Once you are happy with the shape, take a look at our video on starting a flowerbed to see how to lay out the shape of the bed and remove the turf. Have a look at the turning over a flowerbed video and dig over the soil ready for planting, then once your GardeningBox arrives take a look at our monthly video for advice on planting your new plants.